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Concierge Services
At CT Concierge, we understand that your busy lifestyle leaves you short on time for those essential tasks. Let our friendly team take care of what needs to be done – from waiting at your home for a delivery or dealing with paperwork, to cleaning and organizing. We are always at your service
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Senior Care Services
Do you or a loved one need an extra helping hand to manage daily tasks? At CT Concierge, our mission is to handle chores and errands for senior clients, offering company and assistance with a caring, professional attitude. Whatever your personal and practical needs, we are always at your service
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Pet Care Services
If you are going away on holiday and need someone to keep your family pet company, or simply find that you haven't got time to give your dog the exercise he needs, CT Concierge can help. We will handle day to day pet care, veterinary and grooming visits and more, providing you with complete peace of mind
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Personal Assistant Services
When life gets busy, CT Concierge are here to step in and make things easier for you. Our professional personal assistant team is always at your service. From handling phone-calls and other office duties to grocery shopping, we've got you covered so that you can stay focused on other things
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Make your ERRANDS, our Errands
Too much to do, and not enough hours in the day? Whatever errands feature on your to-do list, we are always at your service and will get those chores done. Grocery shopping, collecting prescriptions and car maintenance appointments are just some of the time-consuming tasks that CT Concierge can deal with for you


CT Concierge offers a wide range of concierge, personal assistant and senior care services in the state of Connecticut. Our aim is to provide busy individuals, families, senior citizens and businesses with the additional help they need to make life run more smoothly.

We understand that today’s lifestyles can be a juggling act, with commitments to friends, family, career and health all impacting on your time. The idea behind our service is to give you the opportunity to find the perfect life balance by taking the pressure off you. Our professional team handles the tasks and errands that take up so much of your day, giving you the freedom to relax and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Whether you feel overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list or feel stressed about not being able to spend quality time with your family, we are at your service. We provide simple and effective solutions to match your needs and priorities, so that you can focus your attention on what is most important to you.


What is a Concierge Service?

The function of a concierge service is help you stay in control of your life balance by taking on the tasks that you don’t have time for. Offering assistance in both personal and professional situations, a concierge service will deal with your to-do list, handling tedious errands and monotonous jobs that you would otherwise struggle to complete.